Our procedures are designed to minimise paperwork while efficiently processing, recording and tracking about 15,000 commercials a year.

Concept & script advice

The sooner you get us involved the better as it minimises the chance of unpleasant surprises further down the line.

We do not charge for advice or script assessment (see more about our fees).

Send your scripts or concepts to where it will be quickly assessed by our approvals team. We are also happy to discuss concepts over the phone or to arrange face-to-face consultations.

We're open to whatever process works best for you. We are often asked to review creative concepts prior to a pitch so that the agency can be confident that the work being presented will get CAB approval.

Approval & classification of finished commercials

Once your commercial is completed it will need formal CAB approval before the stations will accept it for broadcast.

To get approval you will need to supply us with a reasonable copy of the ad, the key number as it will be instructed to the broadcasters, and your billing and material contact details.

Some commercials require additional information:

Ways to submit your commercial:

The fee for approving a finished commercial depend on whether it is an original commercial or a revision to an existing commercial. See fees and ways to pay for details.

Paperwork and informing the stations

As soon as your commercial is approved we'll confirm it in a quick email.

The formal record of approval is the CAB invoice which details the key number, classification and corresponding CAB approval number. The invoice will be emailed or to your company within a few hours of approval.

Notification is sent automatically to all broadcasters so you do not need to do anything else.

Remember that any change to the commercial requires a new key number and every key number requires CAB approval. If a station can't match your key number to a CAB approval number then they will not broadcast the commercial.