Concept & script advice

We provide a same day service for advice on scripts and creative concepts. Each concept is assessed against the ASA's Advertising Codes of Practice, past ASCB decisions and the broadcasters' own terms and conditions.

You will receive the following feedback:

All advice and consultation is provided free of charge. It is important to remember that comments are indicative and do not constitute an approval of the finished commercial. Approval and classification will only be given to a completed commercial.

Food and beverage product pre-approval (Children's Food Code)

All food and beverage products advertised during children's programming must meet minimum nutritional standards. We provide a pre-approval service so that advertisers can develop their commercials with the confidence that, subject to meeting the other standards, the commercial will be awarded a CF classification.

We assess the nutritional details of the product, or combination of products, against the Ministry of Health's Nutrient Framework for Schools and, if necessary, the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) Nutrient Profiling Model and the advice of an independent nutritionist.

There is no charge for product pre-approval. We strongly recommend that the nutritional details are provided to CAB before the commercial is produced or the media is booked.

Approval & classification of finished commercials

We aim to approve and classify the vast majority of finished commercials within 12 working hours. This approval covers all broadcasters in New Zealand so no additional approval is required.

By approving a commercial it means that, to the best of our knowledge, the commercial complies with all the rules, regulations and policies governing television advertising in New Zealand.

When an ad is approved it is given a CAB classification. Broadcasters and media planners use this classification to determine the channels and/or times when the commercial can be aired.

The fee for approving a finished commercial depends on whether it is an original commercial or a revision to an existing commercial. See fees and ways to pay for details.

Defending our decisions

In the event that a complaint is made to the Advertising Standards Complaints Board (ASCB) we will robustly defend our decision to approve your commercial. Our responses are on behalf of the broadcasters.

To assist in these defences we are represented (in an observer capacity) at the monthly ASCB meetings.

Industry statistics

We produce a quarterly report on the number and type of commercials that have been approved. This report is provided free of charge on our website and is released to the media. Click here to see the industry statistics.