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Advertising self regulation in New Zealand

Advertising in New Zealand is self regulated by the communications and media industry. At the heart of the system is the Advertising Standards Authority Inc (ASA) which is responsible for setting and enforcing the standards that govern advertising in all media.

All advertising in New Zealand is required to comply with the ASA’s Advertising Codes of Practice.

Any individual, company or organisation may lodge a complaint with the ASA about any advertisement that they have seen. The ASA’s remit covers every possible form of marketing communications from TV commercials to billboards to social media and other direct marketing.

Complaints are heard by an independent Advertising Standards Complaints Board (ASCB). In the event that the ASCB rules that there has been a breach of the Codes of Practice the advertiser, agency, and media are requested to withdraw the advertisement. There is a near 100% compliance with these requests. ASCB decisions are also released to the media.

ASA Contact Details

Telephone: +64 4 4727852