Guidelines for motor vehicle advertising

The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) is encouraging motor vehicle advertisers to take extra care when using footage filmed overseas:

Guidelines on the use of overseas motor vehicle advertising in New Zealand

The NZ Transport Agency (Transport Agency) is the Crown agency responsible for an affordable, integrated, safe, responsive and sustainable land transport system in New Zealand (NZ). This includes the implementation of laws, regulations and rules.

The Transport Agency encourages motor vehicle advertisers to, where possible, avoid using footage of driving that would be illegal on NZ roads. If this is unavoidable, a clear disclaimer should appear on-screen stating that the advertisement was “Filmed overseas”.

Disclaimers should be on-screen for the duration of the illegal driving practice on NZ roads, and in a font size and colour that can easily be read by a typical viewer.

For example, in NZ, vehicles drive on the left-hand side of the road. However, a lot of motor vehicle advertising that appears in NZ is filmed in Europe or America – countries where the law requires driving on the right-hand side of the road.

Download the NZTA’s official advice.