When assessing ads we work closely with the television networks, the ASA, the Liquor and Therapeutic Advertising Pre-vetting Services (LAPS & TAPS) and other sector specialists.

Medical and therapeutic products and services (TAPS)

Advertisements for therapeutic and health products, devices and services must be pre-approved by the Therapeutic Advertising Pre-vetting Service (TAPS).

Contact: Nigel Andrews
Email: nigel@rubicon.net.nz
Phone: (09) 836 2680
Mobile: 027 657 9750
Contact: Peter Pratt
Email: tapspeterpratt@gmail.com
Phone: (04) 938 6409
Mobile: 027 492 1230
Contact: Maureen Roberts
Email: maureenroberts@xtra.co.nz
Phone: (09) 478 7776
Mobile: 021 68 77 60

View the guidelines used by TAPS when assessing all forms of therapeutic marketing communications.

Alcohol products (LAPPS)

Advertisements for alcohol products must be pre-approved by the Liquor Advertising & Promotion Pre-vetting Service (LAPPS).

Contact: Rob Bree
Email: rob@robbree.com
Phone: (09) 528 8808
Mobile: 027 277 7832