Welcome to the Commercial approvals Bureau

To formally approve a commercial for use in New Zealand we require a viewing copy of the advertisement, the key number and your details.


Applications can be made online or you can download, complete and email an application form. We recommend applying online as it has prompts to ensure you submit all the necessary information.


To send us a copy of the commercial you can:

  • email it as an attachment to advice@commercialapprovals.co.nz
  • email us a link to the material (e.g. via WeTransfer or YouTube)
  • Upload it directly to the CAB website as part of the online application
  • Send it to us digitally via IMD or Adstream

For certain sensitive product categories we require additional information:

  • Alcoholic products. We need confirmation that the ad has been pre-approved by LAPS, the Liquor Advertising Pre-vetting Service. LAPS contact details.
  • Therapeutic products & services, health products and medical devices. We needs confirmation that the ad has been pre-approved by TAPS, the Therapeutic Advertising Pre-vetting Service. TAPS contact details.
  • Food & beverage products. We need the product's nutritional details if you intend to advertise during children's programming. The nutritional details can be submitted online or you can download an application form from the Resources page.
  • Financial services. We need a declaration from one of the advertiser's Directors that the commercial complies New Zealand legistration. You can download the declaration from the Resources page.

As soon as your commercial is approved we'll confirm it in a quick email. This normally only takes a few working hours.


The formal record of approval is the CAB invoice which details the key number, classification and corresponding CAB approval number. The invoice will be emailed to your company within a few hours of approval.


Remember that any change to the commercial requires a new key number and every key number requires CAB approval. If a broadcaster can't match your key number to a CAB approval number and classification then they will not be able to broadcast your commercial.